Francisco Moreira launches “Todos os Fados São Meus” on all digital platforms

“Todos Os Fados São Meus” is Francisco Moreira’s definitive affirmation album in Fado.

With a discography that began in childhood and passed through adolescence, it is with this new album that the fado singer demonstrates that Fado is the path he wants and will follow throughout his career.

This record work includes a little of all the nuances of Fado. Both traditional Fado offers us old poems, as well as timeless fado songs.

Give us fados composed specifically for this album, pay homage to great fado singers in history and have space for Francisco Moreira to present himself as a lyricist.

The musical accompaniment is excellent, faithful to the essence of what it is to accompany the true Fado, based on the Portuguese guitars of João Martins and Miguel Amaral (this second in the interpretation of a theme he composed), on the viola of André Teixeira and on the bass of Filipe Teixeira.

Poetically, songs inevitably pass through Love, Longing, describing places and people, portraying the joys and sorrows of life. The biggest highlight goes to “Todos Os Fados São Meus”, the theme that gives name to the album, written by António Laranjeira and music by André Teixeira.

This is where Francisco Moreira tells us how he surrenders to Fado and how he is in no hurry to make his way, which has always been guided by safe steps that accompany his growth as a person and as an artist.

Without forgetting all his previous discography, this new album is definitely the one that marks the consolidation of a brilliant career, in which Francisco Moreira does not forget his past, but has his eyes set on a solidly built future with an impeccable aesthetic sense and a voice young, safe and very mature.

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