Francisco Oliveira apresents the book “Ritmando” in Leiria

Ritmando” is the book by musician Francisco Oliveira, which will be presented by the author, next Saturday, October 16, at 4 pm, at the Afonso Lopes Vieira Municipal Library, in Leiria.

This book, which consists of a set of rhythmic-pedagogical games, is intended for children, parents and the family in general. In the words of the musician and author, “music is fundamental for a child’s cognitive development and their ability to create and communicate“, noting that in this art there are three main pillars: melody, harmony and rhythm, the latter being , the motto of your book.

The idea of ​​writing and sharing these small exercises is linked to the fact that rhythm is sensorially the pillar that, more easily, can be assimilated and/or transmitted by an individual who has or has no musical background or background. In this teaching/learning relationship, I intend, through games, not only to stimulate the rhythmic sense but also the levels of concentration and improvisation (creativity)“, says Francisco Oliveira, who, through “Ritmando“, intends to share with readers the his experience, the incessant search and the passion he has for this musical pillar.

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