Francisco Sales presents video of “Grito No Silêncio”

the first single from the new album

Francisco Sales’ new video was available last night. This is the first advance of the album ‘Fogo Na Água‘, which will be released on October 21st.

Grito No Silêncio‘ is the expression that cuts, the act that interrupts, the alert that wakes us up. Francisco Sales offers his guitar virtuoso as the canvas that Beatriz Nunes and Pedro Pires use to paint with their voices a poetic and abstract picture in which each of us can see what our emotions dictate. This is the new single from ‘Fogo na Água‘, an album with which the musician and composer Francisco Sales marks a new phase in his career.

‘Grito No Silêncio’ Fact Sheet

Song by Francisco Sales, Beatriz Nunes and Pedro Pires
Produced by Francisco Sales
Co-Produced by Tiago Gomes
Acoustic and Dobro Guitars: Francisco Sales
Vocals: Beatriz Nunes and Pedro Pires
Strings Arranged by Rui Ribeiro
Violin 1: Denys Stetsenko
Violin 2: Viviane Tupikova
Viola: Bruno Miguel Castro Silva
Cello: Carlos Tony Gomes
Double Bass: Miguel Menezes
Mix & Master by Mo Hausler

Producer / Creative and Art Director: Rita Ventura
Director / DOP / Editor: Mimi Sá Coutinho
Producer Assistant: Bárbara Casswell
Makeup: Rita Oliveira
Hair: Zé Carlos Taipa
Starring: Bárbara Sousa

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