Frankfurt Book Fair opens today digital edition

The largest book fair in the world, in which contacts always have a fundamental weight, was, until a few weeks ago, planned for its face-to-face format. With the new increase in cases of covid-19 in Germany, and with Frankfurt being considered a risk zone, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), this edition took on an exceptional character.

In total, the event, which takes place mainly on digital platforms, brings together 750 speakers, about 4,400 exhibitors from 103 countries, 2,100 initiatives and 260 hours of programming. Among the guests are names of authors from various nationalities, such as Margaret Atwood, Bernardine Evaristo and Francesca Melandri. Anthropologist Bruno Latour and systems analyst Edward Snowden are also on the list.

Israeli writer David Grossman was in charge of opening the event, which took place today, transmitting a message of hope in times of pandemic, through a video recorded at his home in Jerusalem.

During the five days of the fair, which takes place virtually, but also in some parts of the city of Frankfurt, editors, agents, film producers and directors will be able to meet for the purchase and sale of copyright in “Frankfurt Rights”.

For the first time, a digital ‘Bookfest’ will take place, an online program that will be broadcast on Saturday, throughout the day, and which includes Portuguese participation, with the writers Dulce Maria Cardoso and Margarida Vale de Gato.

There are five Portuguese exhibitors participating, AC2 Literary Agency, Portuguese Association of Editors and Booksellers, Bookoffice with The Book Company and Reading Marathons, Edinok and Grupo Narrativa.

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