Fred and Regina Guimarães – “Mãos no Fogo”

In this work, Fred creates a sound environment for the declamation of Regina Guimarães, poet, filmmaker, playwright, and lyricist.

Fred has always been a big fan of the work of Regina Guimarães, a poet, filmmaker, playwright, and lyricist.
Regina’s poems and lyrics are part of her life memories and she always remembers having started listening to her lyrics sung by several artists that she admires and being completely surrendered to the words and poetry sung.

Since then, he has followed her path and his admiration for Regina has not stopped growing.
When he joined the band Três Tristes Tigres in 2020, Fred was able to delve even deeper into his work, whether through the lyrics he wrote for the album “Mínima Luz” or through the old Tigres repertoire that he studied in depth at the time.

Fred had been thinking about a record for some time that would link music to poetry and the power of words and whenever he thought of this possibility, it was Regina that came to mind, as well as her voice and the wonderful poems that left such an impact on him. It was Regina who wanted to take this trip.

Ana Deus introduced them and they began the process that leads to this final result, “Mãos no Fogo” and which Fred describes as follows, “When we spoke, Regina agreed to do an experiment and invited me to her house in Porto. I went there the first time with a small recording setup that I set up in her living room, where Regina, sitting in a chair, read me some texts.
From the first reading, her voice and her texts resonated with me very strongly and I felt absolutely lucky to be able to live that very special moment.
As soon as I left the first day, I shut myself up listening to the recordings over and over again and trying to create the songs for what was said in his living room.

I isolated myself, walked in the middle of nature and, for a year, I tried to understand her world and mine, trying to follow my heart and intuition. After a while we arranged another recording at Regina’s house, and the process was repeated, again and again and again.
These days I remember well our lunches at the restaurant in front of his house and our conversations about so many things that inspired me so much. It was one of the most beautiful processes I’ve been in in my life and I feel enormous gratitude for having the opportunity to do something with someone so special to me.
Long live Regina and life”.

“Mãos no Fogo” is released today, January 23rd, and is available on all digital platforms.

“Mãos no Fogo” is an unexpected work but an expected record: both Fred and Regina have been present in much of the music that has been made on the margins and in full flow; Regina was also by my side, front and back in the rooms where I learned and had fun, helping to keep the class from getting bored. She always wrote like nobody else and like never before.

Fred has already played and created music and sound from the most primal of instruments, percussion, and soon became one of the most requested refinements of modern sound. Then comes the music, the virtual and concrete napes in which the word is not spoken, it seems but it is not, it is enchanted and necessarily on this record for which, I swear and stay blind here and now, I put my ears in the oven.

And what she says and what Fred does too, he doesn’t get tired, there are many They and Him, they talk about the whole world and all the philosophy that the music contains. I’ll be brief because he knows well: Regina has always invented the best titles for songs, Fred is the most imperative beat I know, the most grounded and also daring because he dilutes, without tears or pity, these Hands of Fire in the G-spot…

Rui Reininho, Leça da palmeira 2023

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