Frederico Morais ninth in the wave pool in California

The only Portuguese athlete who is part of the world surfing elite entered the water today, in the bonus round, to try to improve the score of 13.67 (7.00 + 6.67) in his two best waves that he brought from the qualifying round, in order to integrate the group of eight surfers qualified for the semi-finals, out of a total of 36, but he didn’t make it.

The 6.63 points earned by Morais in the wave to the right, and the 5.70 in the wave to the left, were insufficient for the 29-year-old surfer to move forward, so he is in the group of athletes who earn points equivalent to the ninth place (between 9th and 16th).

The Jeep Surf Ranch Pro, which started on Friday and ends today in the wave pool developed by the American Kelly Slater, eleven times world champion, is the sixth stage of the WSL main circuit, and the only one disputed in artificial waves.

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