Frederico Morais wins eighth in Ericeira, Vasco Ribeiro eliminated

Portuguese surfer Frederico Morais advanced to the last 16 of the Ericeira stage of the qualifying circuit, becoming the only Portuguese in competition since Vasco Ribeiro was on the way.

To compete in the same heat of round four with the compatriot, ‘Kikas’ returned to show on the beach of Ribeira D’Ilhas that is facing the test of Ericeira as if of a tournament of the world circuit was, conquering the seventh ‘heat’ with 17.73 points, surpassing American Jake Marshal (12.66) and Vasco Ribeiro’s 12.50, thus failing access to the knockout round.

After the triumph, which also coincided with the best score so far in Ericeira, Morais, currently ranked 22nd in the world hierarchy, summed up the performance by saying he knew how to take advantage of the moment.

“It was fantastic to be here and to have good waves. It’s sunny and beautiful days, so we can really show our country and how good the conditions are. surfing here, “said the only Portuguese athlete to compete in the World Championship Tour.

In the round of 16, ‘Kikas’ already knows he’s going to take his seventh-round strength with Hawaiian Tanner Hendrickson.

For Saturday, the first call of the competition will be at 07:45, on the beach of Ribeira D’Ilhas, in Ericeira.

The EDP Billabong Pro Ericeira, whose waiting period ends on Sunday, is one of three Portuguese stages of the world circuit of qualification and the most ‘valuable’ with 10,000 points.

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