Free book sharing via online platform starting today

An online book-sharing platform, which aims to establish itself as a “meeting point for lovers of reading,” will be available starting today for all those who wish to register and start exchanging books.

The LIVRAR platform is one of the measures of the ‘Culture for All’ project that, in 2017, won the Portugal Participatory Budget in the area of ​​Culture.

It is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, which developed the idea based on the proposal of two citizens, João Gonçalo Pereira and Tiago Veloso.

This new tool is free and allows the donation and requisition of books among registered users, and is also open to libraries that want to donate and receive books, according to information from the Ministry of Culture.

Starting today, the release date of LIVRAR, anyone can create a platform access account through your email address, your Facebook or Google account, and start using it right away.

The first step is to register the books you want to donate, but in the first 15 days only the libraries will have access to the offers.

After this period, registered books become visible and available to the entire community, just do research.

To request a book, the user shares the contact and combines the delivery method, specifies the Ministry of Culture, which intends to make this tool a great network of book-sharing and “meeting point for lovers of reading.”

The launch ceremony of the LIVRAR platform is taking place today at the National Library of Portugal, with the presence of the two authors of the idea.

At that time, anyone can take a book for exchange and start the FREE movement, adds tutelage.

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