Freeport Lisboa inaugurates the largest suspended kinetic sculpture in Europe

Sculpture ‘School of Breeze’ signed by the American artist Patrick Shearn is the largest skynet in Europe.

Patrick Shearn inaugurated in Portugal the work ‘School of Breeze’, the first artistic installation that debuts in the Iberian Peninsula, being also the largest kinetic sculpture exhibited in Europe, 171 meters long and suspended up to 15 meters high. The work, inspired by Portugal’s connection to the sea, was specially developed to be installed in the Freeport Lisbon Fashion Outlet and aims to provide an unprecedented experience to all visitors, combining to the space the originality and innovation of contemporary art.

Patrick Shearn (with the Poetic Kinetics Project) is world renowned for its striking, large, moving sculptures. ‘School of Breeze’ is the latest kinetic installation of the artist, created especially to be installed in the Freeport Lisbon Fashion Outlet, and designed to evoke the movements of nature, such as the fish shoals of the Atlantic Ocean.

For Nuno Oliveira, Business Director Portugal of Via Outlets, “after the presentation of the new center that we made at the end of last year, it is a privilege to receive this piece of art that will contribute to cement the positioning of the center as an exclusive destination for shopping, and culture. We are certain that this installation of Patrick Shearn will not leave any visitors indifferent. ”

At 171 meters in length, the work of art is suspended, at a height ranging from 3.5 meters to 15 meters, to anticipate and enjoy the wind, in a unique ballet of kaleidoscopic reflections, offering a unique sensory experience to those who visit the center.

‘School of Breeze’ covers a total area of ??approximately 750 m², from the main entrance to the central square of the center. The installation of this piece, consisting of approximately 50 thousand holographic tapes that refract a full spectrum of colors, and about 3100 linear meters of rope.

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