FreeStyle® Libre 2 arrives in Portugal with optional alarms in real time

People with diabetes living in Portugal will now have the option of being alerted, in real-time, whenever they experience hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia through the FreeStyle® Libre 2 system, the state-of-the-art continuous glucose monitoring, which provides optional alarms to people with diabetes who need them.

As a world leader in glucose monitoring sensors, Abbott continues to transform the way people with diabetes test their glucose levels, with technology that accurately delivers readings every minute without the need for painful finger pricks. , and now with optional alarms at no additional cost.

“With the availability of FreeStyle ® Libre 2, an important step is taken to help people living with diabetes in Portugal to have a healthier life. At Abbott we have been transforming diabetes management for millions of people around the world in an innovative way, making the FreeStyle Libre portfolio available to people with diabetes who need it, by launching a new generation with additional benefits, while maintaining the affordable price”
-Paulo Sousa, country manager at Abbott Diabetes Care Portugal

Using Bluetooth technology, the FreeStyle® Libre 2 system makes glucose data available every minute through a reader.

With a swipe of the reader over the sensor, placed on the back of the arm, (lasting up to 14 days), users receive readings per minute, in real time, of their glucose levels, as well as a history of trends and patterns, and arrows that predict the speed and rate of change of glucose, without having to resort to finger pricks.

The user can thus act according to this information to make appropriate decisions related to his medication or diet. The FreeStyle® Libre 2 system is easy to use, providing customizable alarms for detecting low glucose and high glucose, as well as a technical feature that notifies the user of signal loss.

Abbott’s FreeStyle® Libre 2 system is based on the same proprietary technology as the device’s first-generation system, which has had a worldwide impact and, through several studies, has been shown to be associated with better control of glucose levels, reduction time in hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, increased time in the target glucose range and improved HbA1C.

In addition, a recent study published in the British Medical Journal showed that using the FreeStyle Libre system over the course of a year is often associated with improved quality of life and a two-thirds reduction in the rate of absenteeism at work and hospital stays related to diabetes.

“By allowing patients to have optional alarms with the FreeStyle® Libre 2 system, we give them even more freedom in managing their condition.For some people with diabetes who do not experience hypoglycemic episodes – especially during sleep – having alarms can be very important. Or, for parents of children with diabetes, alarms can help provide peace of mind.

FreeStyle Libre has transformed the lives of many of my patients in the way they monitor their glucose levels, and now with FreeStyle® Libre 2, with optional alarms, even more people with diabetes will be able to benefit from this revolutionary technology. “
-Prof. Dr. Davide Carvalho, Endocrinologist and President of the Portuguese Society of Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism

According to the teacher. João Filipe Raposo, President of the Portuguese Society of Diabetology, “the new features of the system can help people with diabetes to improve glucose control. The guarantee of accuracy is important throughout the period of use and the alarms give a level additional security.”

Abbott’s FreeStyle® Libre 2 device is now available in Portugal for people with diabetes, from 4 years of age.
The FreeStyle Libre system is the most widely used glucose monitoring system with a sensor worldwide. Currently, more than 2.5 million people with diabetes, in more than 50 countries, benefit from this system.

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