French singer to release disc with fados in Portuguese and French

The Fado Clandestino group, consisting of a French singer and two Portuguese musicians, will release an EP in September in France, where it revisits traditional fado with French and Portuguese poems and ‘convention-free arrangements’.

Lizzie, Filipe de Sousa and Nuno Estevens will perform their first EP on September 28 at a concert at the Théâtre Comédie Nation in Paris, two years after they created the musical project and performed in France.

The project is called Fado Clandestino because there is a ‘re-appropriation of the traditional fado’ that results from the ‘back and forth’ between Portuguese and French cultures, creating ‘a fate without frontiers, “said Lizzie Levée, who signs only as Lizzie.

“That idea of ??clandestinity reflects our place in the midst of Fado and from the musical point of view because what we do comes out of the conventions and comes mainly from the conventions of the Fado in France.This fado could not have been born in Portugal because it has much to do with our French reality and, therefore, it is a type of fado that errs between two lands and that wants to be freed of the conventions, “she described the singer.

The group has several fados sung in French, such as Charles Baudelaire’s “Albatroz,” which is sung to the rhythm of the Alexandrine Fado by Joaquim Campos to “show what fado brings to a language other than Portuguese and how it is that a fate is influenced by the language in which it is sung. “

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