French wine of 30 thousand euros will have a worldwide launch in Porto

The French red wine Liber Pater 2015, which has a “retail price of 30 thousand euros per bottle”, will be presented in a world premiere in the 2019 edition of Essência do Vinho, next week in Porto.

The information was released today by the organization Essência do Vinho (EV), according to which the launch of this wine, from Bordeaux, will take place during an event commented by its enologist and mentor, Loic Pasquet.

The director of EV Nuno Pires said that “only 240 bottles will be launched worldwide” of the Liber Pater 2015, “a unique wine that undermines the rules of the French region and breaks with the grape varieties and even with the way the grapes are planted in one of the most emblematic and traditional wine regions in the world “.

Loic Pasquet is a materials engineer who worked for Peugeot until 2005 and decided to go to Bordeaux to make wines from autochthonous pre-phylloxera grape varieties, arguing that they are better than those made after the plague that struck Portugal on the second half of the nineteenth century, have been overthrown.

The Liber Pater – the name of a Roman deity of wine – “is a rare and controversial wine and the first, from the phylloxera in Bordeaux and from the classification of Bordeaux wines of 1855, to be made from ancient native varieties,” added Nuno Pires.

The high price of each bottle will have to do with the exceptionality of 2015.

The Essence of Wine 2019 will take place from 21 to 24 February at Palácio da Bolsa in Oporto, and the organization says that “three thousand wines from 400 producers from all Portuguese wine regions” and some international ones will be present.

The most “rare and exclusive” wines will be presented by experts in commented evidence, winemaking harmonization and other initiatives.

One of the highlights of the event will be the “Top 10 Portuguese Wines” event, in which an international panel consisting of journalists, scanners and other specialists will choose the ten best Portuguese wines from a universe of about 60 finalist wines.

The image of this year’s 16th Wine Essence edition was developed by Francisco Laranjo, a plastic artist and teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto Francisco Laranjo.

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