Bubba Brothers’ Frenetic Tour 2023

will pass through Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Manchester, Amsterdam and... Portugal

The DJ duo that placed 8 songs in the TOP’100 on Beatport in 2022 is preparing to release the EP ‘FRENETIC DESIRES’. Here is a ‘smell’ of the Desire theme.

They are on the lips of the world, but (they are not yet) on the lips of Portugal. And they want to change that. The Bubba Brothers’ melodic, progressive house has already made Beatport chart history with originals that get crowds pumping at epic concerts.

Since the first original, – ‘Carla’s Beat’ – in 2019, Algarve musicians Eliseu Correia and Justino Santos have placed 8 songs in the Beatport Top 100, including a number 1 (“Karma”), being referred to by the world’s specialized press as a musical phenomenon of the house scene that continues to conquer not only the style charts, but has already made crowds vibrate in the mecca of house music, such as Ibiza or London.

With their own label Mossdeb Sounds, currently in the TOP’100 of Hype House labels, the Bubba Brothers will release the EP ‘Frenetic Desires’ in February. ‘FRENETIC – BUBBA BROTHERS TOUR 2023’ will pass through Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Manchester, and Amsterdam, markets where its rise has been meteoric.

Between doors, it is mainly in the Algarve that they are known and where the concert schedule alternates with international commitments. For Portugal, there are negotiations in the pipeline so that further north of the country the house music audience can experience the Bubba Brothers live. News soon!

Learn more about the work and history of this unlikely duo that has already left its mark on the world house scene.

“When the DJ duo Bubba Brothers project started about 9 years ago, we were far from imagining what was coming. At the time, Justino (on the right in the photo) was 47 and I was 45.

Between a lot of joking between the two and the enjoyment of those around us because ‘we were already out of time’ for these house and electronic deals, we grabbed a Numark table and CDs. I mixed the tracks, and Justino did the research.

The live concerts were epic for the energy and contagion of the audience. The technique was weak, but the soul was huge. Hats and sunglasses became our brand image, irreverent quotes that vibrated heart and soul with their audience. We had a lot of fun, we were contagious and let ourselves be infected by the energy of the public.

The Bubba Brothers grew up without us realizing it because the public asked for it. I didn’t verbalize it, of course, but the houses full of energy gave us the click. We went digital and I went to London, to the London Sound Academy, where I perfected my craft.

In 2019 we released the first original ‘Carla’s Beat’ which reached #21 on Beatport. Since then, we have placed 8 more songs in the Tops, including a Nº 1, with the theme ‘Karma’.

We created it on our own label ‘Mossdeb Sounds’ which is, as we speak, in the Top 100 Hype House labels. We’ve performed live at the Ministery of Sound in London, Ibiza, Ibiza Sonica, Tantra, Festival F and many more major events.

For 2023, Manchester, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid and… we are still only in the first month of the year! We feel the flame and we will continue to invest in original themes and work in and with our musical culture, in a progressive and melodic house.

The motto is from the Algarve to the world. But it could be ‘nothing is impossible’.”

Eliseu Correia

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