Cold attacks the homes of the Portuguese

Demand for heating services increased 67%

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The cold is taking over Portuguese homes and a survey by Fixando to 6,300 people, between January 1 and 15, 2021, points to a ‘widespread hypothermia’ that caused the demand for heating services to skyrocket in just 67%. 15 days.

The conclusions were:
– 44% affirm that their house is thermally uncomfortable;
– 59% say they feel their home is colder compared to the previous year;
– 54% consider the thermal insulation of their home to be very deficient;
– The most used equipment to heat the house are: the fan (27%), the oil heater (26%), the traditional fireplace (19%), the stove (16%) and central heating (16%);
– On average, respondents spend an additional € 15 / month on electricity and gas this winter compared to last winter (with an average value for 2020 of € 69 and 2021 for € 84 per household);
– 68% of respondents say they are very concerned about the potential increase in the electricity and gas bill as a result of a new confinement and, consequently, more time at home;
– 38% say they cannot make improvements because they do not have the financial availability at this time.

The survey also reveals an increase in demand (67%) for home heating services, which, now due to the new confinement, cannot be carried out.

The installation, repair and maintenance service for fireplaces, chimneys and stoves represents 42% of demand, followed by the installation and repair of Air Conditioning and ventilation (29%), Installation and Repair of Heating systems (20%) and Installation and insulation repair (9%).

Professionals in the tertiary sector – which have been in complete disruption for many months – have also reduced the value of some of the services to be provided in this area of ​​Heating.

For example, compared to January 2020, when the installation, repair and maintenance service for Fireplaces, Chimneys and Salamanders was around € 145, now around € 91. The air conditioning and ventilation installation and repair service was also reduced compared to January 2020, as it now stands at € 148 against € 156 the previous year. The installation and repair of Heating Systems increased by € 542 (in January 2020) to € 608 (in current January).


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