Frog gives time back by offering on all trips the unlocking rate – Unlock Campaign 0 €

From October 27th, wintertime applies, on Saturday night everyone gets one hour of sleep, but the days get shorter.

In order to give time to all Froggers, saving them time on their way around the city; avoid traffic and make your life much easier; Frog will offer the scooter unlock value (€ 1 per trip) for 15 days for all users. With daily travel in mind, Frog aims to help change habits, including a practical, sustainable micro-mobility solution that will help everyone gain minutes every day and use them as and with whom they love.

Whether for the last kilometer from the end of the public transport network or from the car park; when are you going to drink a coffee in your neighborhood; when you go to the cinema; when you go to friends, be with family; or any other city destination, all roads are FROG.

“We want to change our habits by making small trips a lot simpler by introducing a sustainable, practical, safe micro-mobility solution that will earn all its users minutes of fun,” adds Pedro Guedes, Territory Partner Europe.

About Frog

Climate change, the growth of urbanism, and population growth continue to be growing challenges in cities around the world.

Frog’s Mission is to help Leap FowardTM communities (stepping forward) in the future of sustainability by setting high standards in micro-mobility solutions. Founded in Texas, Austin, by a team with extensive experience in mobility solutions, the company is committed to providing communities with high quality, safe and affordable transportation.

Designed and manufactured to the highest specifics of its users, the Frog Scooter is longer lasting, stable and safer providing a ride that helps residents and travelers get around, do errands, visit friends and explore in a fun, efficient and enjoyable way. Environmentally friendly.
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