Fuckup Nights is a global movement present in 90 countries and 300 cities, where stories of professional failure are shared. At each event, 3-4 speakers share their failures, using only 10 images and 7 minutes.

These are events that celebrate failure by trying to get the message across in a fun way and promoting networking.

In this first relaunch event there will be four speakers who will share their stories at Impact Hub Lisbon, showing that failure is nothing more than learning, an opportunity for change, and that it is possible to recover after a “failure”.


Bernardo Sousa de Macedo:

He is an entrepreneur for web-related products and most recently proud father of an amazing child.

Starting his career in 1999, he worked in marketing and communication at IGMarketing (Interactive Global Marketing) and created his own projects, including,,,, He has worked for several companies as Product Manager, Technology Ambassador, CTO and Solution Integrator including Quidgest, EasyPay, Tux & Gill, TST and now, co-founder, Product Manager & Technology at (a revenue delivery company with fresh ingredients).

João Correia:

Marine biologist and credited scientist, he founded the only European company that captures sharks and other marine animals, and places them in aquariums around the world: Flying Sharks.

Born entrepreneur, was catechist in Cartaxo, and at 26 opened a sex shop, which allowed him to buy the first Porsche! He wrote two books and a humor show. With several businesses and projects that did not go so well, João Correia has countless stories and “failures” to share.

Gianluca Pereyra:

It is an adventurer. He co-founded, a virtual consultant for customer service departments, where they reduce the need for human responses on written online platforms such as Facebook Messenger, email and internal chats by at least 40% through Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing.

Worked in account and project management throughout Europe (Poland, Portugal and UK). Curious and motivated to know new things, he considers himself a person of easy adaptation. Ambitious, team player and extrovert is always available to discuss and help with new projects.

Ricardo Belo de Morais:

Journalist, writer and communication consultant. Founder of XFM collaborated with Energia and TSF. Collaborated with Notícias Magazine, and in cultural advisory with the City Council of Lisbon.

He joined NR/Hill & Knowlton, then went on to found Multicom. He was a marketing and communication consultant for the Portuguese Franchise Association. He was at Radio Paris Lisboa as an animator. He is currently a member of the Casa Fernando Pessoa team and edits 2013, the online project “My Person”.It guides guided tours related to the personal theme and provides advice, tourism, and cultural projects.

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