Fuckup Nights Lisbon – The night that failure is the word of order

Fuckup Nights is a global movement where stories of professional failure are shared. At each event, 3-4 people take the stage and lightly and recklessly recount their failures using just 10 images and 7 minutes.

Today in over 90 countries and 300 cities, Fuckup Nights is the fastest-growing movement on the planet for entrepreneurs and creatives, showing that failure is nothing more than learning, an opportunity for change, and one that can be recovered after a “failure”.


Having difficult conversations is a positive step towards well-being and promotes a less ego-driven world. This is the motto of Fuckup Nights, as we learn more from failure than from success stories. In this way, events celebrate failure by trying, rather than stigmatizing, to get the message across in a fun way and promote networking.

The new edition of Fuckup Nights returns to Portugal with new stories, new failures, new inspirations, through Message in a Bottle, a marketing and communication agency that focuses on creating content in a creative and innovative way that aims to promote the entrepreneurship in Portugal. “Socially, the word failure is not admissible and is often a source of shame. By organizing the Fuckup Nights in Lisbon we are connecting with a worldwide movement that wants to demystify the concept of failure, which wants to show that we have learned a lot more from failure than from ten successes, and that failure is halfway to success. . Above all, we want to change mindsets, supporting entrepreneurship in Portugal, ”says Ruben Obadia, CEO of Message in a Bottle.


At this first launch event, Ricardo Belo de Morais, Gianluca Pereyra, and João Correia will share their stories at Impact Hub Lisbon, a welcoming, modern and innovative space where dreamers, startups, entrepreneurs, investors and companies co-create a better future. !

Tickets have a cost of 10 euros and can be purchased through the Eventbrite platform.

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