Fugly antecipam novo disco Dandruff com single “Mom”

Single “Mom”

A love letter is like a letter of complaint to the mothers of the overgrown children of society without pay at the end of the month. Different objectives, roads more to the “esses” than you want, in similar goals and fulfilled with distinction. “Mom” is Fugly’s new single for their second album, ‘Dandruff‘, which comes out on March 18 with the label of Saliva Diva from Porto. Boogie for the son of a bitch with great taste.


With ‘Millennial Shit‘, in 2018, Fugly went around Portugal, Europe. The van, your black turbo rock panzer, got too tired and died. Now they have a new van and a new album, which brings with it a new drum master, Ricardo Brito (the same one).

Kids from the 90’s and teens in the 0’s, cow and chicken and catdog – does anyone remember Arnold? the guy with the melon head, I really liked this one, but it was really hard to catch on TV I don’t know why – they want everything at the same time.

Space Migrant” and “Stay in Bed”, singles advanced in advance, glimpse a new guise of garage rock that characterized them in previous works, but they don’t stop there. Over 12 tracks, a meandering path is drawn between fast-paced songs, cartoon generics, creamy guitar muzak, dedications, middle fingers and other things, make it up if you want.

The most important part of what a Fugly record is is the laughter. It’s cool to be happy and deal with the stress of income, having a no-job, girlfriend, boyfriend or cat with blemishes in their eyes with a smile on their face. This record makes you laugh at the serious issues that in a while will be silly. At least for them.

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