Fujifilm opens first Wonder Photo Shop in Portugal

Fujifilm invests 170 thousand euros with the new shop concept opened at Worten of Centro Comercial Colombo and NorteShopping.

Fujifilm Portugal, in an investment of around 170 thousand Euros, surprises with the new concept of shop Wonder Photo Shop integrated into two spaces Worten; in the Colombo Shopping Center in Lisbon, and in the North Shopping Mall in Porto. These are the first Wonder Photo Shop spaces to arrive in Portugal after the success of the first open shop in Tokyo in February 2014.

Today, Fujifilm already has more than 100 Wonder Photo Shop stores worldwide, with 47% of the venues being in Europe, including England, Spain, Germany, Russia, France, Poland and Ireland.

This new concept of store is born so that the emotion of the moment of the photo capture is not extinguished with the shot of the photo, but prolonged with the creation of printed products with these same photographs, offering, in a relaxed atmosphere, a huge variety of services , products and solutions to a generation smartphone to express creativity, both via digital imaging and analogue photography (instax). The concept of the store puts the customer at the centre of the experience, aiming to lead this new concept based on the customer experience.

Going back to the analogue era, 15 years ago, each consumer took an average of 70 photos per year. Thanks to the ubiquity of digital cameras and smartphones and the tremendous advances in photo-sharing technology, this number has increased exponentially. Most consumers want to print their photos. However, researching and organizing them for creating fun products remains a challenge. We virtually re-edit, edit and share our photos. But where do we keep them? What do we do with these photos?

In addition to photographic products and services, customers can also print their photos on paper or from their mobile devices on a wide variety of materials, as well as create custom albums and type of gifts and objects of decoration. This avant-garde space offers the user a new creative, magical and unique world.

Here you will also find a space dedicated to instax instant cameras, a wide range of accessories such as albums, frames, cases, among many others, as well as numerous scrapbooking accessories. It is, therefore, a way of connecting the store with the current moment of the user in social networks.

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