Funchal presents the “Living Different Culture” project for sociocultural diversity

Miguel Silva Gouveia, Mayor of Funchal, was at the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theater for the presentation of the “Living Different Culture” project, promoted by CRIA – Center for Research Network in Anthropology, with the support of the Autarchy, be developed with the African community of Bairro da Nazaré.

On the occasion, the signing of the protocol, in the amount of 15 thousand euros, between the Municipality of Funchal and CRIA, represented by Filipe Ferraz and Cristina Santinho, also took place. Miguel Silva Gouveia explained that the support “aims to carry out an activity of municipal interest under associations and that it intends to work on inclusion through the arts, reducing social asymmetries through culture, music, dance, photography, and theatre.”

We try to make African and Gypsy communities know, and above all feel, that they are part of our society and that they have a role to play in Funchal. There is no better way than culture to make these communities present and active in the life of our city”, he reinforced.

The 3-month project is already being developed with the African community that resides in Bairro da Nazaré. The objective is that these people can attend the project, understand their legitimate place in society, learning to better articulate sociocultural diversity with the values ​​of citizenship, human rights, gender equality, combating racism and social exclusion, and valuing solidarity.

The mayor added that “after the end of this project, 5 Madeiran artists will be trained to continue this work of inclusion, an area in which Funchal has been recognized nationally and internationally for the work we have been developing, not only in the break. physical accessibility barriers, but above all in the fall of cognitive and social barriers.”

The creation and performance workshops are formed by 2 anthropologist coordinators, 1 co-ordinator, 5 artist trainers, and 15 community graduates from different socio-cultural backgrounds. Training modules include body and performance, theater and community, fine arts, scenography and wardrobe, video, photography, and sound.

The President also recalled the political and social principles that underlie the inclusion projects that Funchal City Council has developed in recent years, both in terms of accessibility on the streets and in cultural facilities, “the best way to show that we are all equals, is also to include through culture, and this is another important step we take in search of this tolerance.

Miguel Silva Gouveia concluded that “we believe that this project is a seed so that, in the future, Funchal can have people and its own artists trained to do this work of inclusion, demonstrating that we are a fully inclusive society that leaves no one behind.”

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