Ageas Foundation, SNAP! Partners and Banco Português de Fomento invest 333 thousand euros in Actif

The Ageas Foundation, in conjunction with SNAP! Partners and Banco Português de Fomento (BPF), the managing entity of the Fund for Social Innovation (FIS), boost the growth of Actif, a platform for inclusive physical, cognitive and social activities, through a total investment round of 333 thousand euros.

The Ageas Foundation and SNAP! Partners will make an investment via the convertible bond of 50 thousand euros each, which will be accompanied by an investment of 233 thousand euros from the FIS, under equal conditions.

Through a web platform, Actif creates physical and cognitive exercises accessible to all and adapted to different levels of physical condition and mobility, with the mission of promoting healthier lifestyles throughout the entire life cycle, accepting the process of aging, disease, and other conditions, without affecting the individual’s potential for well-being and achievement.

Improving the quality of life of the Portuguese, by 2032, is Actif’s goal, which wants to impact 1.5 million direct users and also reach around 12 thousand institutions, offering more and better activities. These partnerships benefit not only ERPI and Day Center users but also technicians and administrative services that provide support to the end user. Therefore, this investment round will allow Actif to increase the team, expand its activity, and help a greater number of people to actively age. Actif also plans to launch platforms for individual clients, especially aimed at the most senior people in the community and, consequently, at their informal caregivers.

In the near future, that is, until the end of 2023, our commitment is to establish partnerships with 50 institutions, whether ERPI or day centers”, says Sara Gonçalves, CEO and Co-founder of Actif, who highlights the role of the Ageas Foundation, as being “crucial to increase the perception of quality of life and well-being of our users, giving the opportunity to expand the number of daily activities in the institutions, using new technologies for a more objective and effective intervention, thus reducing the sedentary lifestyle“.

This action translates into the first Impact Investment for the Ageas Foundation, a new axis implemented this year by the Foundation which, in addition to financial support, also promotes monitoring and access to the insurance group’s network of specialists. Embodying the Ageas Portugal Group’s commitment to active aging in Portugal.

João Machado, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fundação Ageas, underlines that “Fundação Ageas designed a way to intervene in social innovation projects with growth potential and diligent teams, based on different support premises, but aiming at one objective: to scale to innovative and effective solutions so that they can reach more people. In this sense, Actif is a good example, fulfilling the various requirements and, therefore, we are very happy for this to be our first impact investment.”. The official also clarified what motivated the Ageas Foundation to carry out this investment “Actif helps institutions and caregivers to diagnose, plan and implement activities that incorporate the needs and preferences of seniors.”

Manuel Nery and Nuno Brito Jorge, partners of SNAP! Partners highlight “we decided to bet on Actif because we believe it is a sector with enormous growth potential, because it has a product that combines economic potential with positive impact and because we were impressed by the quality of the founding team.”

Also for Ana Carvalho, CEO of Banco Português de Fomento “The ACTIF project represents a good example of the innovative social projects currently existing in our country, which make a difference in the lives of more and more people. As a public policy instrument, created to encourage innovation and social entrepreneurship initiatives that develop impactful and sustainable responses in solving problems detected in the community, the Fund for Social Innovation (FIS) fulfills its role here, by supporting and financing projects in the scope of its areas of activity, in a co-investment system with private investors, leveraging the innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystem and enhancing an entire community of entrepreneurs and impact investors in Portugal, in line with the world trend of growth and maturation of the market for impact investing. With this investment, FIS has carried out 13 capital operations, for a total amount of public and private investment of around 15 million euros”.

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