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Foundation of the House of Bragança celebrates 500 years of the birth of Luís Vaz de Camões

22 June

– Commemorative Exhibition until 31 December
– Rui de Luna & Banda da Armada concert at Igreja dos Agostinhos

On June 22, the Foundation of the House of Bragança celebrates the 500th anniversary of the birth of Luís Vaz de Camões, the supreme poet of the Portuguese language, with the inauguration of a bibliographical exhibition and the realization of a concert with Rui de Luna and Banda da Armada. Luís Vaz de Camões was considered one of the greatest figures of Portuguese literature and one of the great poets of Western culture.

The bibliographic exhibition “500 Years of Luís de Camões” had the support of a scientific committee, consisting of academics from the areas of Literature, History and History of the Book and will feature 4 thematic nuclei: “Camões in the Alentejo”, “Camões and his Time”, “The image of Camões” and “History of Editions”. Professors Doctors: Ana Isabel Buescu, Hélio J. S. Alves, Isabel Almeida, João Alves Dias, João Luís Lisboa, Mafalda Soares da Cunha, Maria do Céu Fraga and Vítor Serrão are part of the Scientific Committee. The exhibition will be inaugurated on June 22 and will be held at the Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa until December 31.

The library of D. Manuel II is also part of a Camonian that brings together all editions of the work of Luís de Camões, since the king understood that the literary work of the poet, in addition to many other valuable aspects, was the one that best evoked the achievements of the Portuguese in one of the golden periods of the history of our country. At the time of the death of D. Manuel II, only two copies were missing in his Camoniana that, however, were acquired by the Foundation of the House of Bragança: the 1633 edition of Os Lusíadas, and the 1800 edition of the University of Coimbra Press.

The Foundation of the House of Bragança currently holds a Camonian with all editions of the works of Luís Vaz de Camões, published in Portugal and the rest of the world until 1800.
“Camonianas” is an exquisitely designed symphonic concert by the renowned baritone Rui de Luna, to celebrate the five hundred years since the birth of our greatest poet. If literature had already immortalized Camões, the great music made him one of his chosen Heroes, leaving to Men their songs, sung to all voices.
The programme of the concert is an intricate sound tapestry, including pieces for baritone and orchestra, the opening of the Symphony “À Patria” and other notable compositions such as the Triumphal Anthem of Carlos Gomes and the Heroic March of Artur Apoleon. This transcendent spectacle is a resplendent ode to the musical and literary heritage of Camões, weaving the threads of emotion and history.
The concert of Rui de Luna and Banda da Armada takes place at Agostinhos Church, at 21h, and the entrance is open to the public.
The Casa de Bragança Foundation is dedicated to the pursuit of cultural and social interests, namely the preservation, enhancement and dissemination of its historical and cultural heritage and the protection of its natural heritage.
Established in 1933, in execution of the will of the last king of Portugal, D. Manuel II, the Foundation is part of the Museum-Library of the House of Bragança, where the collections and funds bequeathed by the institution, which is installed in the Ducal Palace and Castle of Vila Viçosa, are preserved and as well as the historical building around the Terreiro do Paço, namely the Agostinhos Church, the Church and the Chagas Convent. The Foundation still owns the Castles of Alter do Chão, Alvito, Ourém and Portel. The Foundation also develops activities of an educational nature and social solidarity, especially within its geographical area of operation.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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