Gaia hosts ‘super-special’ opening of the Rally of Portugal in 2019

The municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia will host the ‘special’ opening of the Rally of Portugal next year, said the local mayor today.

Speaking to journalists after a chamber meeting, the socialist Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues said that Gaia will host an event that in the previous edition was in the center of Porto, existing, said, “between the two cities a logic of alternation.”

According to the mayor, the ‘super-special’ will start at the waterfront, passing by General Torres and Via Panorâmica, at which time the riders take the roundabout at the Hotel Yeatman and arrive at Avenida da República, where they return to the circuit initial.

Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues specified that this is an initiative articulated with the municipality of Porto, adding that the neighboring municipality “will transfer part of the logistics”.

Already the proposal that was unanimously approved today states that the chamber will allocate to the Rally Portugal event a loss of 400 thousand euros.

Still on the sidelines of the meeting, Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues said that the municipalities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia are in negotiation to welcome the closure of the next Volta a Portugal by bicycle.

And, questioned about upcoming achievements of the Red Bull Air Race, the mayor was pessimistic.

“In January, the subject will close, but I do not have many expectations,” he said.

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