Gaia receives in March first Iberian Neuro-Intervention Complex

The Portuguese Red Cross Neuro Intervention Complex (CVP), the first in the Iberian Peninsula, will be inaugurated on March 8, 2019 in Vila Nova de Gaia, representing an investment of 1.5 million euros, was announced today.

CVP president Francisco George justified the choice of Gaia in the Porto district to receive equipment to help people with dementia for “being in the center of the North” and for the Red Cross to be very involved “in supporting delegations outside Lisbon”.

“The North zone has a very high population density and lacks this type of equipment,” he added, noting that the inauguration on that date, International Women’s Day, is a way to “honor all women involved.”

In a press conference, the head of the CVP reported that it is a “unique health structure in the Iberian Peninsula”, based on “four major axes of action, prevention, intervention, training and research.”

“In Portugal there are 300,000 people aged 85 or over,” said Francisco George, stressing that “40% of them have dementia.”

The complex, which is in its final phase of finishing, will be “prepared to receive 60 people”.

As soon as it opens, the complex will “employ 42 employees, but after its consolidation in the summer, there will be 70 employees,” said the president of CVP.

In addition to a residential unit, the project provides for specialized home support and will have a model house “tailored to the needs of the person with dementia”, allowing it to “regain different habits in the face of the limitations identified.”

Stressing the importance of partnerships with the Champalimaud and Queen Sofia Foundation, this one in Spain, the former director general of Health explained that the complex now announced will remain in the building that served as offices of the engineer Edgar Cardoso and now ceded to CVP by the Infrastructures of Portugal.

Individuals or families who wish to benefit from the Neuro-Intervention Complex can apply now.

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