Gaia: There are dozens of dogs and cats waiting to be adopted

The Municipal Council of Gaia promotes, on Saturday, another campaign at the Center for Animal Rehabilitation.

The benefits of having a pet have been studied and documented over the past few years by various specialists. And if you do not have one yet, or consider acquiring one more, this is your opportunity.

The Municipal Council of Gaia will hold next Saturday, November 10, another campaign at the Center for Animal Rehabilitation, between 14 and 17 hours. The goal? “To promote a conscious adoption”.

In addition, the initiative aims to “inform new adopters of essential care and hygienic sanitary prophylaxis to animals, as well as clarify the obligations of dog owners belonging to potentially dangerous breeds,” the statement sent to essays.

It should be noted that the adopters in the Center for Animal Rehabilitation of Gaia can benefit from discounts, up to 25%, in municipal medical-veterinary centres, with which the Municipality of Gaia has established collaboration protocols.

Did you know that in 2017 the Animal Rehabilitation Center received 301 animals, an average of 25 per month? And that 250 were adopted and 41 returned, out of a total of 291 animals? However, these numbers are not enough, as “dozens of dogs and cats wait for themselves and yearn for a new family.”

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