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Gala dos Sonhos a night of emotions

Campo Pequeno

A night of glamour, many guests who helped to make the future of many young people more beautiful, and a lot of joy but also tears and nostalgia, made the Gala dos Sonhos a unique moment.

For the second year, the Carreira family organized an exciting Gala dos Sonhos, which was broadcast live on SIC, to honor Sara Carreira and present the new scholarship holders of this solidarity project that was created in her honor, the ‘Associação Sara Carreira‘.

There were many guests who attended the Gala dos Sonhos, in Campo Pequeno, which was packed to help this noble cause, hundreds of fans and admirers of Sara but also of the other members of the Carreira family. Among the many artists, musicians, and well-known (beautiful) faces, there was Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the Mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas, and the Minister of Culture Pedro Adão e Silva.


Fernanda Antunes accompanied the President of the Republic, and Tony Carreira and also went to help as a volunteer at the call center, created to raise funds, where many other well-known faces joined him among journalists, actors, presenters, singers, and famous names, among they Daniel Oliveira, Andreia Rodrigues, Diana Chaves, João Baião, Carolina Patrocínio, Bárbara Bandeira, Toy, Mariza, Elma Aveiro, Padre Borga, António Sala and Ljubomir Stanisic.


It was Tony, Mickael, and David Carreira who opened the Gala dos Sonhos singing a song by Sara Carreira who accompanied them on video, in one of the many emotional moments of the night, ending with tears in their eyes.

Fátima Lopes was the one who conducted the live broadcast of the Gala dos Sonhos, where, among others, Agir, Pedro Abrunhosa, Calema, Ivandro, and Mariza were present, in a great night of music and solidarity.

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