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MICHELIN Gala Portugal 2024

“The gastronomy of the Algarve is an excellent challenge for Chefs and gastronomic enthusiasts from all over the world”, argues André Gomes, president of Turismo do Algarve, believing this to be one of the great reasons that justified the choice of this region as the stage for the Gala of the 1st edition of the Michelin Portugal Guide.

This ceremony, which will take place on the 27th of February, in Albufeira, has the institutional support of Turismo de Portugal and Turismo do Algarve and will present, for the first time, the selection of Portuguese restaurants distinguished with the famous Michelin stars, separately from the Spain team.

Among many other participants, this exclusive event will feature the presence of a luxury cast made up of Chefs from the Algarve*, all of whom hold the coveted stars, who will be responsible for providing guests with a dinner made up of some of the most emblematic dishes of Portuguese cuisine.

“Being able to host this Gala in the Algarve has enormous significance for the entire region, not only as a moment to celebrate national gastronomy but also, and above all, as an excellent opportunity to showcase the richness, diversity and authenticity of the dishes and ingredients that make up Algarve cuisine”, said André Gomes yesterday, during the press conference where the Chefs who will lead the dinner at this event were presented and more details about the long-awaited ceremony were revealed.

“We have a unique cuisine in the Algarve, which combines knowledge and flavours from the mountains, the sea and the estuary, which combines tradition with gastronomic innovation, and which, above all, faithfully reflects the local culture, conveying in itself a historical richness and a vast set of influences from all the people who passed through here”, he explains.

As this is truly inspiring gastronomy, it is easy to see why the Algarve has a high number of Michelin** restaurants – eight in total, two of which boast two stars. Here, Chefs have all the conditions to be challenged and be able to tell unique stories at the table.

The recognition of local gastronomy is, increasingly, a differentiating element of the Algarve among its visitors and a factor in attracting new tourists. There is, on the part of Algarve Tourism, a growing commitment, both in terms of valuing regional products and supporting the development of projects, routes and events that allow immersion in the region’s cuisine, as a way of promoting its sustainability and authenticity. Projects such as “Algarve Craft & Food”, “Algarve Cooking Vacations” or “The Algarve in the Mediterranean Diet” are some examples that deserve to be highlighted and that guarantee unique experiences for visitors.

In this context, the Michelin Gala in the Algarve validates the work that has been carried out to promote tourism and regional gastronomy. The expectation is that this event can also contribute to increasing the visibility of the Algarve on a global level and its recognition as a gastronomic destination of excellence.

It should be remembered that the program surrounding this ceremony also includes a series of parallel activities, including a debate on “The Value of Gastronomy in the Tourist Experience”, scheduled for February 6th, and which will have, among the panel of speakers, figures such as chef José Avillez and chef Marlene Vieira, Lídia Monteiro, representing Turismo de Portugal, and specialized professionals linked to the area of gastronomy such as Rafel Tonon, João Wengorowius and Nuno Nobre***.

In anticipation of the Gala, there will also be the presentation of a communication campaign under the motto “Algarve, the Flavor of Southern Europe”.

*The team of coordinators and chefs will be made up of:

  • Dieter Koschina – Vila Joya Restaurant (two MICHELIN Stars) – Coordinator
  • João Oliveira – Restaurante Vista (one MICHELIN Star) – Coordinator
  • Hans Neuner – Ocean Restaurant (two MICHELIN Stars)
  • José Lopes – Bon Bon Restaurant (one MICHELIN Star)
  • Liborio Buonocore – Restaurant Gusto by Heinz Beck (a MICHELIN Star)
  • Louis Anjos – Al Sud Restaurant (one MICHELIN Star)
  • Luís Brito – Restaurante A Ver Tavira (one MICHELIN Star)

**Restaurants in the Algarve distinguished by the Michelin Guide, in 2023:

• Albufeira – Vila Joya
• Porches – Ocean

• Almancil – Gusto
• Lagoon – Bon Bon
• Lagos – Al Sud
• Portimão – View
• Tavira – Seeing Tavira
• Vila Nova de Cacela – Monte Rei Views

• Albufeira – The Sailor
• Faro – CHECK-In Faro
• Lagos – Avenida
• Tavira – At the Table

***About the protagonists of the debate “The Value of Gastronomy in the Tourist Experience”:

• José Avillez, one of Portugal’s best gastronomy ambassadors, and chef at the restaurants Belcanto (two MICHELIN Stars), Encanto (one MICHELIN Star) and Tasca by José Avillez (one MICHELIN Star);
• Marlene Vieira, who takes diners to discover the richness of Portuguese gastronomy at Zunzum Gastrobar (Bib Gourmand) and Restaurante Marlene (Recommended);
• Lídia Monteiro, member of the board of directors of Turismo de Portugal;
• Rafel Tonon, journalist specializing in gastronomy, coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Gastronomic Journalism and Communication at the Basque Culinary Center, in the Basque Country (Spain);
• João Wengorowius, passionate about gastronomy, founder and CEO of WB/Brand Strategy Advisory, and author of the book “We Chefs”;
• Nuno Nobre, consultant in food culture and gastronomic tourism, professor at Universidade Lusófona, and project manager at the UN and the EU, as well as founder of the Ericeira International Sea Urchin Festival and the World Food Institute.

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