Porto Municipal Gallery presents two new exhibitions on September 18th

On September 18, Porto Municipal Gallery will present two new exhibition projects — “Os novos babilónios/Atravessar a fronteira”, a project by Pedro G. Romero, and “Pandemic/I Don’t Know Karate, but I Know Ka-Razor!”, an exhibition by Filipe Marques, curated by Isabeli Santiago and Juan Luis Toboso.

The artist and curator Pedro G. Romero proposes a unique and simultaneously multidisciplinary project for the Municipal Gallery of Porto in “Os novos babilónios/Atravessar a fronteira”. Based on the concept “Os novos babilónios”, developed by the Situationist International around Constant Nieuwenhuys’New Babylon” project, the exhibition explores ideas such as psychogeography, drift or unitary urbanism, in its relationship with nomadic groups, gypsy ethnic groups, flamencos, political exiles and libertarians. An investigation that seeks to explore their genealogy, questioning our perception of the sensitive field of these groups, having as its starting point the city of Porto and the peninsular transboundary context.

The exhibition project “Pandemic/I Don’t Know Karate, but I Know Ka-Razor!” it results from an invitation from the Porto Municipal Gallery to the artist Filipe Marques, still in 2019, to question concepts present in his work, such as fragility, revolt and self-destruction. Starting from a speculative exercise and self-reflection, the artist presents a world made of multiple layers and interpretations about the abyss of the unknown and uncertainty. An action that becomes relevant considering the current context of the global pandemic crisis.

Both exhibitions will have free entry and can be visited until November 21st. All information regarding the calendar and schedule can be consulted on the website of Galeria Municipal do Porto.

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