Porto Municipal Gallery presents “Os novos babilónios: Atravessar a fronteira”

Porto Municipal Gallery presents “Os novos babilónios: Atravessar a fronteira” on September 18th

In this new exhibition, artist and curator Pedro G. Romero presents an extensive investigation into the concept “The New Babylonians“, developed by Situationist International, focusing on nomadic ways of life, with a focus on Roma, Flamenco and libertarian exiles.

Taking as a starting point a historical atlas of multiple references, Romero creates a timeline marked by the vision of these groups, bringing to light the multiple allusions over time: from Gil Vicente to Zé Povinho, by Almada Negreiros, to Amália’s fado or the irreverent flamenco of Porrina de Badajoz; from the intervention cinema of Fernando Ruiz Vergara, to the symbolism of footballer Ricardo Quaresma, – these are some of the examples that Pedro G. Romero mentions and that permeate the exhibition at the Porto Municipal Gallery.

The geographical point of view is also a particular focus in this project, highlighting the displacement of these peoples across the physical and political frontier between Spain and Portugal, and also in the repercussions and drifts through the territories of America and Africa.

Os novos babilónios: Atravessar a fronteira” is a project that is as particular as it is complex, underlining once again the multifaceted character of the artist and curator’s work, where the notion of border is defined, while diluting, in each of your projects.

On the same day, the exhibition “Pandemic / I Don’t Know Karate, but I Know Ka-Razor!” by the artist Filipe Marques, curated by Isabeli Santiago and Juan Luis Toboso. A project that will lead us to a “zero degree” state, to confront issues such as the fragility and finitude of bodies, the disease-health binomial and the struggles rooted in the world and in nature.

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