Galgo release “Profunda”, second single in anticipation of the album Denso

After presenting the song “VAPOR” to the public, Galgo have just released “PROFUNDA”, the second single in anticipation of the album DENSO which will be released on February 29th, by the label Saliva Diva.

PROFUNDA” carries a nostalgia that is hard and at the same time light. It tells a story that, for some, and certainly for the four of them, can even bring that ‘tear’, coming from the corner of the eye.
Click on the image to watch the “PROFUNDA” previewer.

The theme that takes us to Galgo’s official statement, in the future edition of their new LP: “What can be dense? A body or object could be dense, but an environment or emotional state could also be dense, right?”; this is a song that Alexandre Moniz, Joana Komorebi, João Figueiras and Miguel Figueiredo see as a person, a person who has a deep, emotional facet present.

The track and the visualizer that accompanies it are now available on all digital platforms.

Galgo – Biography

Hailing from Lisbon, Galgo are Alexandre Moniz, Joana Komorebi, João Figueiras and Miguel Figueiredo. With three LPs (Pensar Faz Emagrecer [2016], Quebra Nuvens [2018], Parte Chão [2020]) and an EP (EP5 [2015]), they show their style that jumps between math-rock, dance-rock and post-rock.

Friends since high school, they formed the garage band in 2013 and since then they have been travelling all over Portugal showing their music, with the occasional outing, playing at Sziget in Hungary.

Having influences that range from the danceable electronics of bands like Chk Chk Chk or Metronomy to the mathematical weight of Sleeping People, the 4 members create their classic signature and thus build a discography that has a consistent vein at its core, but that explores new identities with each release.

In 2023, Galgo celebrated 10 years of existence and is now preparing the release of their new LP “DENSO”. Reimagining a densely danceable melancholy, it carries all physical states, uniting into one. It’s out in early 2024.

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