Galo de Barcelos featured at the Macau International Parade

The Barcelos Rooster will be featured this year at the Macau International Parade, which marks the 19th anniversary of the transfer of Portugal’s administration to China, the organization announced today.

In addition to the Portuguese figure, nine others from China, Macao and eight Portuguese-speaking countries will represent “the cultural essence of their respective countries and regions” in the eighth edition of Desfile, on December 16, under the theme “Meeting between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, “he added.

The remaining figures include Nüwa from China, Macao A-Ma, Cape Verde Sun, East Timor Crocodile, Guiné-Bissau White-nosed Macaque, Brazilian Forest Protector, Sao Tome and Principe Island of the Roosters, Goddess the Sea of Angola and the Spirit of the Oceans of Mozambique.

Portugal will also be represented by the Intervention Projects Group (PIA), one of the 76 that will animate this edition of the International Parade, which aims to “introduce the new cultural collaboration” between China and the Portuguese-speaking bloc.

As in the previous edition, the Parade will begin at the Ruins of St. Paul’s and end next to Lake Sai Van, where a ceremony will mark the 19th anniversary of the transfer of Macau’s administration from Portugal to China on December 20, 1999.

Brazil, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique are the Portuguese-speaking countries participating, as are 57 local groups, 19 from the Mainland and France, Spain, Russia, Colombia, Italy, Germany, Holland, Argentina, Japan, Malaysia, South and Hong Kong, with more than 1,700 participants in Macao.

In spite of maintaining “the model of previous years”, the Parade presents in this edition more “24 performances”, between 01 and 15 December, and community workshops, besides the program of December 15, according to the program presented by Mok Ian Ian, president of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao, at a press conference.

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