Galp and Mozambican state install electricity from the sun in villages

The Galp Foundation and the Mozambican State Energy Fund (Funae) today inaugurated the first of four photovoltaic solar systems and power grid in villages without energy, prosecutors announced.

The streets of Chissinguane, a village in the central province of Sofala, have public lighting and electricity will be available in private homes, commercial banks, the administrative office and the village hospital.

In total, there are more than 1,400 inhabitants benefited, highlights the Galp Foundation, which designates it as the “first Solar Village” of the Energiza project, a social responsibility initiative that, initially, covers two villages in Sofala (including the one visited today) , one in Cabo Delgado and another in Manica.

The project provides for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems and access to electricity in communities without energy, estimated to benefit 6,000 Mozambicans.

The total investment is around 600 thousand euros and will generate approximately 50 kWh of renewable electricity.

Given that 64% of Mozambicans live in rural areas and lack access to energy, projects of this nature have a strong impact on community life,” the Galp Foundation said in a statement.

The foundation is a non-profit private law institution created in 2009 by the Portuguese energy sector group Galp, which is oriented towards providing services to the community and sustainable development.

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