Galp Music Valley takes national and international names to the City of Rock

Non-stop stage Galp Music Valley presents special concerts by national and international artists at Rock in Rio Lisboa

National and international artists, from rock to pop and funk to electronics, will pass by the non-stop stage of Rock in Rio Lisboa, where up-and-coming talents and established artists perform in special concerts.

Names like Incubus, Delfins, Ney Matogrosso, Bárbara Tinoco, Plutónio and Giulia Be are included in the mega program.

Bárbara Tinoco

Dedicated to those who value urban life, sharing experiences and respecting the environment, Rock in Rio Lisboa offers Galp Music Valley with 14 non-stop hours per day.

After the successful debut in 2018, with 4 sold-out sessions, and a reach of more than 3 million people, Galp Music Valley returns to the City of Rock even more vibrant and international.

Over the four days of the event, this stage will ensure 14 hours of music per day non-stop, in a varied program that has more than 30 performances.

The performances started at 12:00 and the participants will be able to enjoy all the Somersby pool parties, parties, DJ sets and concerts that bring together one of the newest voices of today such as IZA, Bárbara Tinoco, El Columpio Asesino, Plutónio and Giulia Be.

Joana Garoupa

For Artur Peixoto, Artistic Director of Galp Music Valleythe fact that we bring together concerts, parties, live acts and DJ sets on the same stage is what allows us to create a different artistic proposal for Galp Music Valley, bringing it together in a single space people, and artists, from different universes, who express themselves differently, but who speak the same language”.

Noting that the entire area surrounding this stage will be “a space very focused on sustainability, human relations and healthy fun”, Joana Garoupa, Director of Marketing and Communication, underlines Galp’s alignment with these principles. “These are values ​​that embody, at heart, the motto ‘Today is a good day to change’, which Galp adopted to mobilize society around these issues“.

Healthy food, hug cam, a pianist on the lawn that will make everyone sing together, collective percussion presentation or tips and suggestions for urban, healthy and sustainable attitudes are just some of the contents that materialize the concept of this space.

Roberta Medina

More than a stage, Galp Music Valley is a space where we can live music in various ways throughout the day, and where we want to bring together people who value life in urban centers, but who understand that for an improvement in the quality of life, and to preserve what we most like to do, it is essential to live in a society harmonized with each other and with the planet. And in that, Rock in Rio and Galp are 100% aligned ”, explains Roberta Medina, Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio.

On the first day, June 20, Galp Music Valley welcomes you to one of the most famous parties today – I Love Baile Funk – and lets the vibrant rhythm come from across the Atlantic to dominate the day.

I Love Baile Funk

The beginning of the afternoon will be marked by a Roda de Samba that receives the first festival-goers, followed by the I Love Baile Funk Dance Classes for all who want to get in the mood and learn some funk moves.

The end of the afternoon will be by the pool, with live music from Cafuné, followed by the DJ set of Rolézinho.

In between, there will be time to receive two current phenomena on stage, on both sides of the Atlantic: Bárbara Tinoco, one of the most played Portuguese artists on national radio, and IZA, one of the greatest Brazilian artists on the rise.

Bárbara Tinoco

To close the first night, the I Love Baile Funk party will spread across the valley until 2 am.

The next day, Galp Music Valley opens its doors to rock giving the opportunity to international talents to present themselves to the Portuguese public: El Columpio Asesino, Ego Kill Talent and Doctor Pheabes.

Ego Kill

On that same day, Pedro Tatanka‘s band, The Black Mamba, and the North American Incubus also play.

The night in the valley will end with the hand of one of the great names in the national electronic scene, Xinobi.

The Black Mamba

On the third day of Rock in Rio Lisboa, on June 27, Galp Music Valley will host concerts and musical projects by big names that have marked and continue to mark generations.

The Portuguese Delfins will take the stage for a special concert that celebrates its 35 years of career.

That same day, the charismatic Ney Matogrosso visits Cidade do Rock for a special concert, where he will remember everything and everyone because he reached three platinum and three gold medals.


But the flashbacks don’t stop there.

The day opens, in fact, with a special presentation, well known to the Portuguese public. The band of the movie Variações, the most viewed Portuguese film of 2019, will perform at Galp Music Valley and celebrate with devotion and enthusiasm the songs of the extraordinary Portuguese singer António Variações.

Variações, the movie

On the last day of the festival, June 28, some of the most resounding names of national and Brazilian urban music take the stage.

This is the case of Mundo Segundo & Sam The Kid, two of the biggest names in national hip hop, who now perform together.

On the same day, the Portuguese phenomenon Plutónio takes the stage, with a combination of Hip-Hop / Trap / RnB, which is performing for the first time at the festival, having already sold out several rooms in the country.


And it doesn’t end here!

On the last day of the festival, you can also hear the Brazilian Projota, one of the big names in rap in Brazil, and GROGNation, the quintet of the Sintra line with an emerging route.

And he will be able to watch the debut, in Portugal, of the Brazilian artist who is causing a furor inside and outside Brazil.

Giulia Be, better known for the hit “Menina Solta” that has just reached the top of the charts in Portugal takes the stage Galp Music Valley promising to sing, and enchant.

Giulia Be

The 9th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa will return to Parque da Bela Vista on June 20, 21, 27 and 28.

It will be two weekends full of magic and pure entertainment, with more than 14 spaces of attractions and many new features.

Names such as Black Eyed Peas, Camila Cabello, Foo Fighters, The National, Liam Gallagher, Post Malone, Anitta, among others will pass on the World Stage.

It is now possible to purchase tickets for the festival on the official website of Rock in Rio Lisboa, enjoying the greatest convenience and security, in addition to there being no additional cost.

The daily ticket costs 69 € and the weekend pass 112 €, the tickets being delivered in digital format.

Tickets are also on sale at the other usual locations: FNAC, Continente, Blueticket and Ticketline, in addition to several international partners.

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