Game helps youngsters to understand social distance

In Can You Save The World?, Kids and adults can learn more about the importance of maintaining social distance in a fun way.

The goal is to navigate the street while maintaining a safe distance from other people. The more contacts that are avoided, the more lives are saved. Along the way, the player can also earn power-ups by collecting masks, healthy snacks and even rare rolls of toilet paper.

The project was born from a collaboration between Richard Wiseman, a British professor of psychology, and Martin Jacob, a young Frenchman who is finishing a master’s degree in video games.

The mission appears to be simple, but, as in real life, it becomes difficult to avoid contact when there are more people on the street. If you pass too close to people, the player gets sick and has to go to quarantine and, if you choose to restart the mission, the game starts with a different protagonist.

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