“Game Over” is the new single by Wendy Nazaré

“Tree” is the name of Wendy Nazaré’s next album and the first single ever known to the public.

Today we present the second single “Game Over”, a song that highlights the roles we play in our daily lives. Accompanied by an incredible video recorded on the streets of Lisbon before the quarantine.

A metaphor for our own existence. All of us, consciously or not, carry scars and messages that reflect who we are and illustrate our history. Deep down, they pose many questions about the meaning of our lives: what is our purpose on this planet? Who we are? What do we want to do with our lives?

“Game Over”, is a song that simply invites us to be ourselves.

Through her music, Wendy Nazaré shares her family album and the importance of family ties.

Through the eyes of her three-year-old daughter, still free and open-minded to others, Wendy Nazaré lets herself go at the pace of beauty, of nature.
We must all contemplate, move forward and appreciate our freedom.

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