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Gamify Europe’19, to take place on 9 May in Telheiras, in the auditorium of Lispolis, will be a day [from 09:45 to 18:00] full of good speakers, workshops and lots of networking.

In the third edition of the event, in an effort to break with the status quo, we are challenging decision makers and agents to focus on the facts and show us how game thinking has impacted the goals of their organizations or customers. And in that sense we will have speakers to talk about case studies from Adidas [David Balfour, Middle East], Worten [Rui Cordeiro, Portugal], Dutch Police [Jari Kloppenburg, Holland], the European Cascais Ambiente project [João Dinis, Portugal] , Federal Cash of Brazil [Ricardo Costa, Brazil], among others. In parallel, we will also have workshops around themes that contribute to the success of Gamification, such as UX / UI, Game Thinking or Storytelling.

Made of Outliers intends to highlight projects in the most varied areas, such as Activation of Brands and Events, Banking and Finance, Public Sector and Employer Branding, Sales Teams and even esports. But we are not going to stay just for the introduction to the projects, we will explore results, processes and the real impact they had.

Gamification is no longer just a buzzword we hear about, becoming an engagement tool that many organizations have already used or are now using to achieve ambitious business goals. The question is if it is already an established tool, why do not we see more results to be divulged?

We all know that it is easy to promote deeds and levels of involvement, but when we come to sharing numbers and concrete results, there are few agencies or clients to publicize them. And this is where Gamify Europe comes in, proposing to change the trend and stage Outliers, that is, those agencies and/or organizations with the numbers to sustain their successes, focusing on their stories and the victories achieved.

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