Garcia de Resende Theater in Évora with more than 100 initiatives this year

More than a hundred cultural initiatives fill the program of the centenary Teatro Garcia de Resende, in Évora, for this year, to the “hitch” of the strategy of the application of the city the European Capital of Culture in 2027.

[dropcap type=”background”]T[/dropcap]he municipal theater program, which was made for the first time for the whole year, is “an important and integral part” of this strategy, said today the councilman of the municipality Eduardo Luciano.

The head of the Department of Culture said that due to the financial difficulties of the municipality, for some time “it was not possible” to make an annual schedule of shows at the Garcia de Resende Theater.

We can breathe better and we can do it now, to the hitchhiker of this strategy of building the candidacy of Évora the European Capital of Culture,” he said.

According to the municipality, the schedule of shows is based on “cycles and festivals” and includes music, theater, cinema and dance events, with highlights for the concerts this month by JP Simões, Miguel Araújo, Mazgani and The Last Internationale.

Until December, he unveiled the Évora Chamber, the The Gift, David Fonseca and The Legendary Tigerman, among others.

The Councilor of Culture stressed that the theater is “exhausted” and that “there is no free weekend to schedule until December“, during which time “one or another day can be included in the event.

If we look at the map of the country, we will not see any city of this size with this cultural pressure,” he said, arguing that “it is a good pressure” and that Évora is “on the right track“.

Eduardo Luciano stressed that “a different program has been created, that it creates and educates the public with a critical spirit and that it escapes from what is basic“, but noted that it is not “a program for elitists nor for half a dozen people“.

Some of the proposals will not be mass shows, but we have plenty of floods,” he said, noting that the goal was to try to “balance the proposals” with “a clear focus on culture rather than entertainment.

The intention to apply for the city of Évora as the European Capital of Culture in 2027 was officially announced in November 2017 at the International Exhibition of Cultural Heritage in Paris, France, having been defined as the year of “affirmation” of the project.

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