Garcia Garcia builds new research center for FairJourney Biologics in Porto

FairJourney Biologics, a biotechnology company and one of the world leaders in the discovery, engineering, and production of antibodies, entrusted Garcia Garcia, specialized in the design and build of industrial, logistics, and service buildings, the integral process of its new research center, in Port.

The construction company is responsible for architectural and engineering projects, as well as for the execution of the work, the investment of which will enable FairJourney to continue on the path of scientific progress, which has traced its history. With completion scheduled for the month of May, the project will dictate the construction of a research center of world reference, in the area of ​​Sciences and Biology.

Founded in 2012, FairJourney operates on a global scale and provides services to a vast number of pharmaceutical companies, namely, in terms of the discovery and development of antibodies, destined to the treatment of diseases.

Among the lines of research developed by this biotechnology are, for example, oncological, cardiovascular, autoimmune diseases, and some rare diseases.

It is composed of a vast team of researchers and scientists, having as main clients some of the largest international pharmaceutical laboratories, and is currently the world leader in the investigation of antibiotic-based drugs.

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