Garland renames companies with an eye on internationalization

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With offices in Spain (Barcelona and Valencia) and Morocco (Casablanca), Garland wants to continue expanding its borders. Thus, thinking of international markets, and similarly to what was already happening with Garland Transport Solutions, the companies Garland Logística and Garland Navegação, adopt names in English, now renamed Garland Logistics and Garland Shipping, respectively.

The Group’s holding is no longer called Garland Laidley, a historical name for the company, which was founded in Portugal 245 years ago, to become just GARLAND, SA, the name of the unique brand with which the company is known in the market. Laidley is a name that was incorporated into the company’s name when the Laidley family entered the capital of Garland in the 19th century, owned at the time exclusively by the Garland family. Later, with the departure of the Laidley family and the entrance of the Dawson family, the company decided not to change the name by which it was known in the market.

The holding Garland, SA incorporates all the business areas of the former Garland Laidley, SGPS and Garland Gestão Imobiliária, SA, creating a single company, stronger and more robust, and from the outset more representative of Garland’s image in the market.

The most recent reorganization of the Group was a phased process, having started with the definition of a unique brand in the market, Garland, in 2006. This was followed by the start of internationalization in 2014, with the opening of offices in Spain and Morocco, and, in 2016, the creation of three business units – Logistics, Transport and Shipping – in which all Group companies were added. In 2017, the transport companies merged into a single one with an English name, Garland Transport Solutions, and it is now concluded with this change of all the names of the Group companies to English, supporting the bet on internationalization”, explains Peter Dawson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Garland Group.

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