GASPAR is the new show for the Maria Matos Theater family

on stage from November 12th to December 18th on Saturdays and Sunday

GASPAR is a musical for children, with original text by João Cachola, soundtrack by ZARCO, and direction by Vicente Wallenstein, which addresses inherent and fundamental themes of our present: ecology, climate change and the impact of Man on planet earth.

Gaspar finds himself bored in the monotony of everyday life and decides to go down the drain of his bathtub until he ends up at the bottom of the sea. “Why are there shoes at the bottom of the sea?” Faced with this question, Gaspar decides to give them a new function: he ties all his shoes and, with them, creates a chain that takes him back home; in the shoes, he puts soil and seeds and creates his first invention: a forest inside the shoe. In an ode to the imagination, we created a musical fable, with the participation of the band ZARCO, in which the young protagonist faces the need to take control of his future, which is not the most promising.

Gaspar is a boy who dedicates his time to imagining things that don’t exist, dives into his bathtub and goes down the drain towards the bottom of the sea, where he comes across a huge amount of shoes. Deciding to give them a new function, he plants a forest in each shoe and scatters them around the city. But he won’t stop here, because if there’s one thing that annoys him, it’s that what doesn’t exist.

Text João Cachola Directed by Vicente Wallenstein Original Music ZARCO Performed Catarina Rabaça, Fernão Biu, João Sala, Joe Sweats, Pedro Santos, Vasco Barroso and Vicente Gil Creative assistance Raquel Oliveira Art direction, graphic design and animation video Beatriz Bagulho Scenography Kuka Support for animation video Rita António Costume support João Cachola Design and light operation Diana Santos Design and sound operation João Oliveira Production Flávia Duarte Scene photos Ana Paganini Teaser Bárbara Sales and João Cachola Co-production H2N – Hugo Nóbrega and Marta Fonseca Acolhimento Teatro Maria Matos

12 Nov to 18 Dec
Saturdays at 4 pm and Sundays at 11 am
Duration 50 min, M/5
Tickets: 12€

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