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Gastronomy, Entertainment and Sustainability sit at the table at Rock in Rio Lisboa

Continente Chef’s Garden is the new space in the City of Rock that features menus designed by Portuguese chefs, a shady plaza with 400 seats and a stage that combines music, entertainment and sustainable food.

Chefs Justa Nobre, Miguel Castro e Silva, Noélia Jerónimo and Vítor Sobral are responsible for the special menus served in this space, with dishes inspired by Portugal’s main ecosystems – agriculture and livestock, forests, sea and rivers.

Rock in Rio – Chefs Garden Continente 2022.05.03

At the control of the Chef’s Stage will be Ljubomir Stanisic, who takes the stage several times a day to provoke the audience with relevant conversations around food and sustainability, with special guests and entertainment in the mix. There will still be space for musical moments, including concerts and DJ sets.

Welcome to Continente Chef’s Garden. Today, we serve the future. This is the main menu of the new space at Rock in Rio Lisboa, which combines gastronomy, sustainability and entertainment in the kitchen, on stage and at the table.

Rock in Rio – Chefs Garden Continente 2022.05.03

Less than 50 days away from opening the doors of the City of Rock, the festival presents another premiere. It is called Continente Chef’s Garden and comprises a kitchen area (Chef’s Kitchen) where menus specially created by renowned Portuguese chefs Justa Nobre, Miguel Castro e Silva, Noélia Jerónimo and Vítor Sobral are served; a shaded dining area with 400 seats; and, also, a stage (Chef’s Stage) where Ljubomir Stanisic, one of the most mediatic names – and faces – of Gastronomy in Portugal, takes the controls to promote various moments throughout the day that aim to provoke and involve the public in the themes of food. bringing, for this, special guests and “putting together some dust” of art and entertainment. Also on this stage, interspersed with the moments led by the Michelin Star chef, there will be concerts and DJ sets.

Rock in Rio – Chefs Garden Continente 2022.05.03

As in all spaces in the City of Rock, Rock in Rio also seeks, through entertainment, to bring relevant conversations that contribute to the construction of a better world. At Continente Chef’s Garden, the aim is therefore to draw the public’s attention to the need to adopt a sustainable diet, capable of minimizing the food footprint of the Portuguese, which, according to recent data from the University of Aveiro, is the largest in the entire Mediterranean ( the country imports 73% of the food it consumes, which contributes to the fact that food weighs 30% in the ecological footprint of the Portuguese).

Rock in Rio is proof of how music and entertainment can – and should – be at the service of relevant themes for the construction of a better world. That’s why at Continente Chef’s Garden we bring together the biggest names in gastronomy in Portugal, bring sustainable recipes and fill a stage with provocative proposals, several guests and different entertainment formats, with tips and suggestions for more sustainable eating habits”, he says. Roberta Medina, Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio.

Rock in Rio – Chefs Garden Continente 2022.05.03

Continente, which shares this same vision, joins Rock in Rio, bringing more entertainment and gastronomy to the City of Rock.Rock in Rio Lisboa 2022 marks the return of Continente to support major music festivals. We want to be where our customers are and it is with great enthusiasm that we join Continente Chef’s Garden” says Tiago Soeiro, Brand Activation and Sponsorships Manager at Continente.The food of the Portuguese is a concern and an essential commitment for the Continent. More than conscious eating and consumption, we want to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We believe that with Continente Chef’s Garden we have an opportunity to transform our ambition into concrete actions, into impact and this is a mission that never ends” adds the official.

But it’s not just at the festival that the two brands come together. Reinforcing the commitment to become a Zero Food Waste event by 2030, the festival signed today, together with chefs Justa Nobre, Miguel Castro e Silva, Noélia Jerónimo and Vítor Sobral, the adhesion to the civic and national movement United Against Waste, from which the Continente is also a part of. A movement that has the High Sponsorship of the President of the Republic and the support of the UN Secretary-General and that unites society in an active and positive fight against food waste, reinforcing the importance of each of us in this fight.

At Chef’s Kitchen, there are rivers, seas, land and forests

We sought to bring influences from different regions of the country, combining them with sustainability and health. That’s why we invited chefs from North to South of Portugal who, in turn, will work with local producers and we define as a gastronomic concept the most representative ecosystems of Portuguese gastronomy – Agriculture & Livestock, Forests, Sea and Rivers“, he says. Nuno Nobre.

Rock in Rio – Chefs Garden Continente 2022.05.03

Chef Vítor Sobral was responsible for Agriculture & Livestock and his gastronomic proposals will include an Arouquesa Veal Burger with caramelized onions, tomato, arugula and cheese from São Jorge Island a Melgão Chocolate Mousse with candied strawberries, fleur de sel and Saffron from the Azores, among other dishes.

The chef, a master at preserving typically Portuguese seasonings and flavours, confesses that “I wonder what will become of our food if we don’t take care of our land. I have the influence of the Alentejo flavours in my blood and the concern with what we consume. My passion and creativity, when it comes to pots and seasonings, is allied to sustainability in food, support for small producers and ways to reduce industrialized processes”.

The Floresta will be represented by chef Justa Nobre who, among other dishes, will serve a cold Beetroot Soup with Crunchy Almonds and a Pumpkin Cream Milk with Forest Fruits. Born in the heart of Trás-os-Montes, the chef known for reinventing good Portuguese cuisine says that “she likes to create dishes with ingredients found in nature, such as mushrooms and fruits of the forest. These elements are easy to find in forests and woods and suffer almost no human interference or chemical treatments, which is very important for food sustainability”.

The taste of the Sea is brought by the hand of chef Noélia Jerónimo, who at the festival will present options such as Tosta de Mackerel and Octopus Wrap with Sweet Potato and Coriander Floor, in addition to other delicacies. The Algarve chef, who in 2021 was distinguished with the Chef of the Year award from the Boa Cama Boa Mesa Guide, says that “we have to be careful when working with the elements of the sea, many of them are at risk of extinction. The sea represents nature, light and the renewal of life. One of the fish that suffers the most with quotas reaching the maximum is tuna, so we decided to opt for fish as nutritious and rich in flavour as tuna, such as sardines and mackerel, and, for me, one of the essential things in the kitchen is not losing the flavour of the food and not overusing things in preparation”.

Rock in Rio – Chefs Garden Continente 2022.05.03

Finally, the Rios arrive at the table by chef Miguel Castro e Silva, who will present dishes such as a dry Lúcioperca and cabbage soup. The chef, also known as one of the great masters of cuisine in Portugal, recalls that “in the countryside, local products were used, such as river fish and vegetables grown in gardens with great diversity”.

Inside Continente Chef’s Garden, there is also space for a Sogrape Vinhos Wine Bar: a space that offers freedom to understand, choose and enjoy the best wines in a simple and pleasant way, in a relaxed and welcoming environment, which will also feature informal tastings.

At Chef’s Stage, there is music, entertainment, gastronomy and sustainability

One of the main highlights of Continente Chef’s Garden, in addition to the signature menus already presented, is the Chef’s Stage. And, like all successful recipes, this stage also has a mentor behind it. We are talking about one of the best-known names – and faces – among Portuguese people when thinking about Gastronomy, capable of combining food, sustainability and entertainment better than anyone else: Ljubomir Stanisic. This is precisely what the chef will take to the stage at Rock in Rio Lisboa, bringing together several guests from different areas – from artists to chefs, producers and others – to create unique and special moments, well in his image.

Dentro do Continente Chef’s Garden há, ainda, espaço para um Wine Bar da Sogrape Vinhos: um espaço que oferece liberdade para entender, escolher e aproveitar os melhores vinhos de forma simples e agradável, num ambiente relaxado e acolhedor, que também contará com degustações informais.

Rock in Rio – Chefs Garden Continente 2022.05.03

Known not only for his culinary skills and successful restoration projects (which have already earned him a Michelin Star), Ljubomir Stanisic also stands out for his aspect as a communicator, something he has reaffirmed in the different communication projects he has launched, among which television programs, books and documentary miniseries such as the most recent Coração na Boca. But beyond that, the Yugoslavian chef is an example of sustainability and proof of this are the many projects and initiatives that he has been implementing in his restaurants for several years – and in his lifestyle -, being himself a true transforming agent, contributing to raising awareness and positively influence others to adopt new habits.

But there’s more to Chef’s Stage and, of course, music is also guaranteed. Every night there will be DJ sets by different Portuguese DJs and, during the day, interspersed with the moments taken on stage by Stanisic, there will be concerts by bands from different companies, curated by the Brands Like Bands project. Created in 2013, the project believes in the mobilizing power of music and, thus, brings together bands from companies from different sectors that come together regardless of their positions and hierarchical levels, to change the world. Over the years, the project has supported more than 20 social and environmental causes, in Portugal and abroad, and more recently it joined the 1% for the Planet initiative, whose mission is to promote different causes that, collectively, can trigger solutions in for climate change.

During the two weekends of the festival, bands such as GoBand, Hollymood, The Relevants, The Group, HumansR, Ecocardiobanda, The Igniters, The Mercernaries, Electric Bang, BBS, Sharing Beauty Band, Rock will come to the Chef’s Stage. io, Tier One Band, ITA, Noises, Armstice, Mucho Love & Landing J’s, The PickUps, Banda Larga, People2People and Banda Autêntica, by Super Bock Group.

Rock in Rio – Chefs Garden Continente 2022.05.03

The recipe is sustainable

Aware of the impact that food choices have on the planet, this edition of Rock in Rio will reinforce its sustainable conduct in the area of ​​food and beverages. Thus, in addition to the actions already carried out since previous editions, the festival will also encourage the use of national products and the hiring of local suppliers, contributing not only to reducing the carbon footprint but also to fostering the local economy, and promoting the use of seasonal products respecting and following agricultural calendars and our natural cycles. In addition, and already contributing to achieving the goal set by 2030 of becoming a Zero Food Waste event, in addition to donating food at the end of the event and forwarding organic waste for composting, the festival will also bring this perspective to the moment of cooking of the recipes, during which the chefs will make the most of the raw materials; and for the moment of consumption, adopting the concept of “right dose” to avoid wastage of food served.

Other measures that the festival already adopts and will be maintained/strengthened this edition:

  • Carry out and monitor correct and increasingly demanding waste management, going through the separation of organics for composting, cooking oils, plastics, ECAL, aluminium from cans, glass, and paper and diverting 100% of landfill waste – something that the festival has already has been doing it since 2016, recycling and energetically and organically valuing 100% of its waste;
  • Maintain the use of reusable cups, adopted for the first time in 2018, produced using 100% recycled plastic and which are now zero carbon (since the Organization will also offset the carbon footprint in the production of these cups, in addition to transport – something I already did);
  • Prohibit regular straws and plastic straws for stirring coffee, giving as an alternative normal reusable or wooden spoons and edible straws (and only if strictly necessary);
  • Prohibit primary packaging, which is only accepted for packaging food and, for this, must be recyclable;
  • Replace all post-mix used in bar areas with cans, whose aluminium is 100% recyclable;
  • The water bottle will be 100% recycled plastic;
  • Improve garbage container signage, making it more visual and intuitive;
  • Promote a collection campaign at the venue for correct forwarding for recycling.

Remember that the 9th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa is scheduled for the 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th of June 2022, at Parque da Bela Vista, and will undoubtedly be a special edition, in which The doors of the City of Rock reopen to the public after four years, promising the much-desired reunion with music, entertainment and live life. There are 14 hours of entertainment a day, with doors opening at 12:00 so visitors can make the most of every minute. In addition to the great concerts on the Mundo Stage and the food & entertainment proposals at Continente Chef’s Garden, there is a lot to see and hear on the Galp Music Valley stage, proposals from all corners of the world at Rock Your Street, digital phenomena at Super Bock Digital Stage and a lot of talent from different neighbourhoods of the country on the Yorn Stage. It is also content from the Gaming universe at Game Square, the Somerby Pool Parties that will soon be presented, a new circuit dedicated to families (Family Tour), the Ferris PiscoPisca Wheel with themed booths and many surprises and prizes, the 7Up Slide, the ESC Online Sports Bar and all the activations and gifts that further complement the Cidade do Rock offers.

Continente Chef’s Garden Manifesto

Welcome to Continente Chef’s Garden. Today, we serve the future.
After all, we are what we eat…and so is the planet.
So take note, because the recipe is not complex. It’s sustainable.

We start with the choice of ingredients: seasonal and national.
The environment thanks you, the local economy too.
Then we add zero doses of waste.
We make the most of it during cooking; we serve in the right dose; we donate at the end.
Waste is not forgotten in our kitchen.
Organics for composting, oils for recycling.
And the chef’s secret? We agree to reveal: sprinkle everything with generous doses of entertainment.
We put it on the fire for a few minutes and voitlá: the result is a tasty show.

So let’s go back to the beginning: Welcome to Continente Chef’s Garden.
Here there are flavours with a conscience.
There are rivers, seas, land and forests

There’s music, entertainment, chefs and producers.
There are 1001 palates.
There are families and friends at the table.

Welcome to Continente Chef’s Garden.
Here, we do not accept reservations.
Because the future…is now.

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