Gastronomic Fortnight whit Brandy begins in November

More than 40 recipes, spread across 14 restaurants in Lourinhã, with one of the three best Brandy worldwide.

Between November 15 and 25, the 7th edition of the Gastronomic Fortnight of DOC Lourinhã, an event that intends to promote this product of excellence and which is considered one of the three best Brandy in the world, will be held.

For 11 days, DOC Lourinhã brandy will be the ‘star’ ingredient of 41 gastronomic recipes, ranging from sweets to savoury, a rich mix of traditional Portuguese dishes reinvented in the light of this ingredient, and modern and innovative dishes created on the event. These revenues can be seen in 14 restaurants in the municipality of Lourinhã.

In addition to the gastronomic component, the initiative will also feature a painting exhibition ‘Aguardente DOC Lourinhã & Arte’, which will take place every day of the event, at Lourinhã Cooperative Winery and with the usual Open Day of Visit to Lourinhã Cooperative Winery, at November 17 at 3:30 p.m. (by prcevia). There will also be, at the Lourinhã Sabores Space, confectionery and tasting of sweets with Aguardente DOC Lourinhã, on November 18, at 3:30 p.m. (also by prior registration).

“The DOC Lourinhã brandy, besides the only DOC Brandy in Portugal, is one of the three best in the world, which makes us proud. With the Gastronomic Fortnight DOC Lourinhã, the municipality promotes this and other products of the region, contributing to the appreciation of the gastronomic culture of the area and boosting the local economy, “says João Serra, City Councilor of Lourinhã with Tourism and Competitiveness.

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