GATEM in Setúbal premieres “Alice in Wonderland”

GATEM – Espelho Mágico premieres, on November 6th, at 9.30 pm, at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum, the musical theater play for the whole family “Alice in the Wonderland”.

Actor and director Miguel Assis adapted Lewis Carrol’s classic text and turned it into a show that combines theater with music and bets on interactivity and special effects.

Alice in Wonderland” is a timeless story, full of symbolism, that stimulates the imagination and questions the principles of logic.

Little Alice’s great imagination takes her to travel through a new world where there are no limits between dream and reality. In Wonderland, the girl lives unforgettable adventures and meets fantastic beings, such as the Caterpillar, the Smiling Cat, the Mad Hatter and the feared Queen of Hearts.

With musical composition and original music by António Carlos Coimbra and staging by Miguel Assis, the play features interpretations by Jéssica Ricardo, Céu Campos, David Pereira, Cláudio Pinela, Miguel Assis, João Canhoto, Raquel Luz, Luís Filipe Estrela, Cherma Costa, Diogo Leiria, Madalena Freire Pereira, Larissa Feiten and Mafalda Santos.

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