‘Gato Preto’ debut single by Diogo Pinto

Diogo Pinto edits today his debut single Gato Preto on all platforms.

Interestingly, we can say that almost all of us have heard Diogo Pinto’s voice. How is it possible? As he tells us, “I am a singer, musician, voice actor, producer and vocal coach (singing teacher, vocal coach and vocal therapist). When it comes to dubbing singing and dubbing, fundamentally for Disney but I also work for other companies such as Nickelodeon, SIC, Panda, Netflix, Dreamworks, Warner bros, among others.

But Diogo Pinto is all this and much moreI do many things at the moment that makes me very happy but I want the part of musician, composer, author and performer of my songs to start to be more part of my life“, he explains to us. Thus, the need to create and edit his debut single, ‘Gato Preto‘, was born.

Gato Preto‘, Diogo Pinto tells us, “is a metaphor between the stigma of bad luck associated with Black Cats and the “groups” that are still cast aside in society. All the cases presented in the video clip are based on real facts: drag queen who suffered in factory work for liking to dress as a woman, a doctor who felt “oppressed” at work for having tattoos and an athlete who himself considers himself a “black cat” for not being able to accept his new reality.

‘Gato Preto’ is now available on all platforms.

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