General D returns with “Zombie”

General D, the legendary Portuguese rapper of Mozambican origin is back in the music scene.

Celebrated as one of the parents of Rap and Hip Hop sung in Portuguese, General D was an unavoidable figure in Portuguese music in the 1990s. Primarily due to the resounding success of his single Black Magik Woman, taken from his original album “Pé Na Tchôn, Karapinha Na Céu ”published by EMI in 1995.
After a few years away from the eyes of the media and critics, General D (who graced us with his presence in March this year at the Hip Hop Tuga Festival at the Altice Arena) returns in strength with a MellaRec Music editing work.

(video with English subtitles)

The theme with the name Zombie is produced by him and Mo Moroka (London producer of international artists such as the Belgian Balogi) and has the vocal appearances of the British Enlery and Sam Ora (who had also participated alongside him on Black Magik Woman), with the presence of Paul Robert and Francisco Amorim (two of the members of the Kumpania Algazarra project) in the wind and Guinean Fernando Fafe on the electric guitar.

Released on October 28th, Zombie is a comeback awaited by many fans who persistently wondered where General D would be, one of the pioneers of this style of music now recognized by Hip Hop Tuga.

“Zombie is my new single on this 30-year-old career, in which I try to portray how social networks have changed how we interact with each other. Musically I tried to encapsulate 500 years of history in 3 minutes. This sound reflects the Diaspora’s journey, with Reggae as the platform on which we add the different genres of music (electronic, hip hop, afro beat, jazz …)
A great kanimambo to all. ”
General D

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