Generic drugs have already saved 362 million euros in 2020

This year, until today, Generic Medicines (MG) dispensed in community pharmacies saved the State and families 362 million euros.

The National Association of Pharmacies and the Portuguese Association of Generic and Biosimilar Medicines (APOGEN) today launch an online meter with the value of this savings. Citizens will be able to consult, in real time, the value of the contribution of Generic Medicines to the Portuguese economy, which is going through an unprecedented recession.

«Generic Medicines are even more important in times of crisis, like the one we are experiencing, because in addition to the unquestionable quality, they are financially accessible, allow to treat more citizens and are a pillar of the financial sustainability of the NHS», considers João Madeira, president from APOGEN.

«Savings on generic drugs allow the State to free resources to finance access to therapeutic innovation, which is essential, but has very high costs. Portuguese pharmacists are always on the side of the sustainability of the NHS and the equality of citizens in access to Health», declares Paulo Cleto Duarte, president of ANF.

ANF ​​and APOGEN call on the State to create conditions for the sustainability of the value chain that produces, distributes, markets and dispenses generic medicines, because this is indispensable to the sustainability of the NHS and to the fundamental right of citizens to protection in Health.

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