Generic drugs saved 462 million euros in 2020

Generic Medicines (MG) dispensed in community pharmacies saved the State and families more than 462 million euros in 2020 alone.

For the first time, there was a drop of 1.3 million packages in the consumption of generic drugs. Still, savings rose 14 million compared to 2019. These are data from the online counter, launched last year by the National Pharmacy Association (ANF) and the Portuguese Association of Generic and Biosimilar Medicines (APOGEN). This year, savings already exceed 40 million euros.

“In 2020, the savings promoted by Generic Medicines reached a record value, which demonstrates, in a year of health crisis with a direct impact on the families’ economy, the importance and relevance of these drugs in the balance of our health system”, says Maria do Carmo Neves, president of APOGEN.

“It is to be believed that this year and in the coming years, there will be an even greater need, by citizens and the NHS in general, to increasingly resort to the use of generic drugs not only for the indisputable quality, but also for the financial balance that we propose to the system. At APOGEN, all members are committed to fulfilling their role”, she concludes.

“Pharmacies were pioneers in the promotion of generic medicines and will always strive for the Portuguese to have access to safe medicines, at the best possible price. The State must create conditions so that our network, grappling with a crisis that has been going on for twelve years, can continue this mission, which has had such a good result for health and public accounts”, declares Paulo Cleto Duarte, President of ANF.

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