“Génese” is Boémia’s new album

with appearances by Fausto and Zeca Medeiros

The new album “Génese” by Boémia is available today and has the support of RDP/Antena 1, the SPA Cultural Fund, and the 25 de Abril Association, and aims to celebrate 50 years of 25 de Abril.

Anticipating the new work on April 24th, the first single, “Precípuo dia hasteado”, was released on all digital platforms.

Génese“, fourteen new songs written by Rogério Oliveira that revisit events from the Estado Novo on the 25th of November. With the popular nature, already characteristic of the Boémia sound and under the stars of our great singers, the arrangements were handled by Marco Ferreira and the production by José Salgueiro.

They come together live to share two of these new songs, Fausto Bordalo Dias, in the controversial theme of agrarian reform in the song “Zira” and Zeca Medeiros in the troubled 11th of March in “A Míope Luneta”.

History is recent! Therefore, there are still those who have lived and participated in it! There are those who only listened to it with more or less attention! But so that there is never anyone who is unaware of it or doubts it, we propose to hear it told, played, and sung from a distance of almost half a century! Played by a new generation born in April.


  • Rogério Oliveira | voice
  • Marco Ferreira| piano
  • Patrick Simeon | drums and percussion
  • Hélia Silva | accordion
  • Isa Peixinho | transverse flute
  • Ricardo Duarte | eletric bass
  • Jorge Anacleto | guitars

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