Gentleman edits “Mad World” today

His career is unique: Gentleman is the artist who brought German reggae to the international music scene. For 30 years, the Cologne native has written music history as the only European to achieve worldwide success as a genuine reggae artist.

With the new studio album “Mad World”, he leaves another milestone, returning to his musical roots while moving forward with the most important project of his life.

Gentleman achieved hits with “Dem Gone”, “Superior” and “Intoxication” with input from top international producers, making him an important part of the global reggae movement.

Reggae brings people together”, says Gentleman, when asked why he still believes in this musical genre from the small Caribbean island of Jamaica. “There is something very fundamental about reggae that everyone understands right away. Still, reggae and dancehall influenced and influence all pop music in such a profound way that, nowadays, we can identify many similarities in terms of sound.”.

Gentleman continues his journey with the new album “Mad World”, sung again in English. “The German-language songs were important and necessary and defined me more strongly as an artist,” he says of his work on the 2020 German-language album “Blaue Stunde”.

“Mad World”, as the title of the album, describes the increasingly chaotic state of our society from the point of view of a mere spectator. As an artist and musician, Gentleman cannot be neutral or apolitical but sees it as his mission to identify problems and suggest solutions. “Reggae has never lost its rebellious nature, it’s part of its DNA to deal with uncomfortable subjects – and at the same time give hope that you can overcome them.“.

The album “Mad World” was created during a phase in Gentleman’s life when he escaped his frenetic but superficial city life and moved to the inspiring landscape of Mallorca: organic food, a self-sufficient lifestyle, less digital distraction, a greater connection with nature is the hallmark of his life today.

Mad World” is a kind of cure for this mad world, a form of music therapy, lifting the listener from their lowest moments to a new high.

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