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“I always thought that music had the power of a “time machine”, of being able to transport us to a moment in the past in such a sensorial and intact way that it was as if we were there again, at the first chord. It is as if she possessed the code for a “particular geography”, a geography that belongs to each person, an inner map of memories and emotions to which each song that is special to us can guide us, each one of us who hears it, with the accuracy of a GPS.”

Mafalda Veiga

Mafalda Veiga

Geografia Particular is Mafalda Veiga’s most recent EP which includes the well-known singles “Óscar”, “Esta Canção” and “Madrid ou Beijing”, as well as two new original songs “Geografia Particular” and “De Fio a Pavio”, edited March 22nd, in a digital exclusive distributed by Universal Music Portugal.

“This EP talks about this geography of mine in many ways and the particular way it intersects with that of others. It talks about the dreams and lives of people I don’t know and they move me, about songs that I simply, without thinking about anything, promised to write and that, even so, with the imperfect notion of their uselessness, want to be able to mean everything to someone. It talks about encounters and disagreements, books, records, changed cities and steps that don’t fit together. It talks about the childhood places that fit in the cup of your hand and the castles we build while we ask the stars to have no end. It talks about being together and toasting to life, that’s it, toasting to life as it is. And sing Sérgio from beginning to end. And dance to Bowie with a glass in your hand.”

The theme “De Fio a Pavio” stands out in this release, produced by João Só.

“This song was written imagining myself on a night and in a place that mixes many nights and many places that I keep in my memory: a kind of night cafe, with perfect and intimate light, music playing but not so loud that it leaves space for confidences and laughter, to sing together, from beginning to end, to toast to life as it is. In this song are the people I love, the people I admire, but there are also all the people I don’t know and with whom I imagine myself singing it, in unison and out loud, in the concert halls where we pass. It was written to try to reach the simplest words, “that” love story that says everything, even if, after all, almost everything is always left unsaid”, comments Mafalda.

Because cinema, with all its artistic layers, is a constant reference in this EP, the video clip “De Fio a Pavio” was directed by award-winning filmmaker David Bonneville, with photography direction by Gonçalo Castelo Soares and the editing was in charge of, also, filmmaker Tomás Baltazar. The conception and argument were created by Mafalda Veiga herself, who also brought together people from her vast particular geography for this music video. Actors Afonso Laginha and Francisca Sarmento are the protagonists and special appearances are by Pedro Granger and Sofia Froes. The music video also features important names in the cultural world, such as Filipa Leal, Maria Quintas, Pedro Rapoula, Ricardo Marques or João Concha.

To film this video, Mafalda Veiga chose a place that she believes could only be this: “a warehouse in Lisbon where the word CINEMA is written in giant neon letters”.

The challenge of putting together a film team for a music video that wasn’t made in a week, or even in a whole day, made this experience unique and everything happened “From Fio to Pavio”.

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